Nortriptyline hcl

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If you are having any mood changes or having problems of depression, then the doctors may prescribe Nortriptyline hcl. This drug is widely prescribed as it is effective in treatment of mood disorders.

How taken

Nortriptyline hcl should have to be taken on a regular basis. Once you have started the drug, never deviate from the prescription. Never go for larger doses or take the medicine for longer days unless the physician has recommended it. Well, another thing that has to be kept in mind while taking Nortriptyline hcl is that you should never stop the medication in the midst of a dosage. Never skip the drug even if you do not see any progress in your condition as it may take a few weeks before you get relief.

Missed dose/overdose

Nortriptyline hcl medicine will only give good results if the right dosage is taken at the right time. Never miss any Nortriptyline hcl dosage. However, if by any chance you forget to take a dose, have it once you remember it. But never take the missed dose if the regular dosage time is so near.

Moreover, never take an overdose and if you think of having taken an overdose of Nortriptyline hcl medicine, do not delay in contacting your physician.

More information

Nortriptyline hcl should only be taken if your doctor has recommended it. Never take Nortriptyline hcl medicine without consulting the doctor. When contacting the doctor, you should discuss with him about all your medical conditions, present and past, before he prescribes Nortriptyline hcl for your condition. Better tell the doctor if you have seizures, diabetes, overactive thyroid, heart diseases, urinating problems and eye diseases.

The effect of Nortriptyline hcl in pregnant women and breast-feeding women has not been adequately studied. Even then they should have to discuss with the doctor about all the risks and complications before taking the drug.


There are certain conditions when you are not advised Nortriptyline hcl. If you are taking any antidepressant drugs or if you are recovering from a heart attack, Nortriptyline hcl is not prescribed.

If you are taking any MAO inhibitor, Nortriptyline hcl can only be taken after 14 days of stopping the inhibitors. When Nortriptyline hcl is taken along with any antidepressant, it could be even fatal.

While taking Nortriptyline hcl, you should be under the constant watch of your doctor as the drug can develop suicidal thoughts. In case you come across any behavioural change or experience any anxiety, hostility, panic, hyperactivity, restlessness, do not delay in calling the doctor.

Nortriptyline hcl is very sensitive to sunlight. So when going out, use some sunscreen lotion or cream.

If you are going to have any surgery or any dental treatment, better tell the surgeon about your Nortriptyline hcl medication.

Side effects

Nortriptyline hcl also comes with many side effects like all other drugs. Some of the side effects that can be seen with Nortriptyline hcl include blurred vision, anxiety, confusion, hallucinations, heart attack, dry mouth, vascular heart blockage, irregular or rapid heartbeat, hypertension, insomnia, low blood pressure, loss of muscle coordination, skin rashes, tremors, stroke and weight loss.

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